Hose Set 10mm Oxygen/Propane x 30m C/W Fittings 3/8"

by Joseph Firth

Hose Set 10mm Oxygen/Propane x 30m

Designed to Transport Oxygen and Propane Gas with a Maximum Working Pressure of 20 Bar

Additional information


10 cm

Cylinder Fitting

3/8” BSP

Hose Bore

10mm / 3/8”

Torch Fitting

3/8”BSP Check Valves

Key Features

• Spiral reinforced construction for flexibility
• Ferruled end connections ensure reliability and gas tightness
• Fitted with check valves conforming with EN730
• Built in accordance with EN 1256 and EN 559
• Hose burst pressure tested to 60 Bar


Oxygen / Propane