BND PEZ 200E Air Cooled Mig Torch (Length Option)

by Parweld

BND PEZ 200E Air Cooled Mig Torch

The Parweld BND Mig torch range has been designed to improve functionality, durability and operator productivity.

200A, CO2 150A Mixed Gas @ 60% Duty Cycle

Additional information

key features

• Ergonomically Superior Handle designed for balance, lightness and strength
• Highly manoeuvrable with small movements of the handle and neck possible independently of the cable assembly
• Hyperflex® Cable Systems offering outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable
• Spring Loaded Gun Plug

duty cycle



0.030" – 0.045" / 0.8mm to 1.2mm



Quality Standards

• All torches rigorously tested at design stage through to production
• All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly
• All torches are designed to be tough and damage resistant, complying with EN60974-7

Cable Length

10ft, 12ft, 15ft