BZL Eco-Grip Max®; 150A Air Cooled Torch ECR1500 Binzel Type

by Parweld

The Parweld Binzel Mig torch range is the most popular range available and is 100% compatible with OEM product.

Additional information

Quality Standards

• All torches are rigorously tested at the design stage through to production
• All components pass rigorous quality control checks prior to assembly
• All torches are designed to be tough, damage resistant and comply to EN60974-7

duty cycle




Cable Length

3m, 4m, 5m

key features

• Eco-Grip Max® Handle System with Integrated Grips, designed for balance, lightness and strength
• Hyperflex; Cable Systems – air cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Cable end crimp systems ensure Maximum conductivity
• Ground Breaking Design Ergonomics
• Integrated Knuckle Joint Systems allowing movements of the handle and neck independently from the cable assembly


0.023" – 0.040" / 0.6mm to 1.0mm