Parweld XTM221DI-P3 5-In1 Inverter Package MIG|TIG AC|TIG DC|MMA|PLASMA

by josephfirth Ltd




The XTM 221Di MIG Inverter is ideal for the welding of Steels, Stainless Steels and Aluminium using the MIG, AC TIG, DC TIG and MMA processes, and cutting and gouging using the Plasma process. The machine uses auto polarity switching so there is no need to change the work lead connections on the front of the machine. Instant swapping between the MIG, TIG & PLASMA processes with one touch of the torch trigger makes it well suited to multi process workshops. The multi-language digital user interface rapidly gets you to the correct machine setting with minimal process knowledge, on site or in the workshop.

not including the trolly

Key Features Include:

  • Portable Inverter Machine
  • Large high quality colour screen with multi-language easy to follow digital interface
  • View and adjust machine parameters from the MIG torch handle (*OLED torch optional extra)
  • HF Start TIG X Instant swapping between MIG, TIG and Plasma process with one touch of the torch trigger
  • Rapid synergic setup for MIG, TIG, MMA, PLASMA
  • MIG Weld, down to 0.9mm thick material
  • Memory function for all processes to save and recall welding programs
  • Supplied with MMA lead set, input cable and 3 gas hoses
  • Pulse TIG function for superior arc control
  • Dual voltage 110 / 230V
  • Welding Capacity 6mm (230V input)


Specifications Include:

  • Output Current -
    • MIG - 140A (110V) and 200A (230V)
    • TIG - 140A (110V) and 200A (230V)
    • MMA - 110A (110V) and 200A (230V)
    • Plasma - 25A (110V) and 40A (230V)
  • Spool Size - 300mm (15kg) and 200mm (5kg)
  • Feed Box - 4 Roll
  • Wire Size - 0.6mm - 1.0mm
  • Duty Cycle (MIG) - 200A @ 30%
  • Input Voltage - 110V / 230V (Smart Switching)
  • Input Current -
    • MIG - 19.4A (110V) and 14.4A (230V)
    • TIG - 17.7A (110V) and 12.5A (230V)
    • MMA - 21.8A (110V) and 16.2A (230V)
    • Plasma - 21.9A (110V) and 16.0A (230V)
  • Minimum Fuse Rating 32A (110V) and 16A (230V)
  • KVA - 3.7
  • Generator Size - 7 KVA
  • Enclosure Protection - IP23S


Machine Size has a length of 650mm (25.5 inches), a width of 275mm (10.8 inches), a height of 495mm (19.4 inches) and weighs 30kg.