by Parweld

Multi Mode
The Parweld XTS 202 MMA has dedicated welding modes for rutile and cellulistic electrodes. The touch button interface is easy to use and ideal for harsh environments.
Electrodes up to 4.0mm can be used with ease.

TIG Welding
By fitting the optional TIG torch and coupling to a suitable gas supply, the XTS 202 MMA can be used for TIG welding and is suitable for welding steel and stainless steel.
The lift arc mode limits the arc current when the tungsten touches the work piece preventing extensive electrode damage.

Generator Friendly
The XTS 202 MMA is able to cope with inputs which fluctuate by +/- 15% and can be used with the majority of generators.
The machine is housed in a rugged steel case and a carry case is also available as an optional extra.

Professional MMA Inverter With Lift Tig Function, suitable for Industrial Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Maintenance Repair, Agricultural and DIY and Training.